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True luxury is only tailor-made. European style and elegance. Tailor-made garments, leather goods and accessories worldwide.

Italian and European Tailor-Made Luxury Items. True luxury is only exclusive, tailor-made pieces. Custom-made production and cut of tailored garments and accessories. Italian and European tailor-made items worldwide through an international network of shops, shop in shops and exclusive points of sale. One-of-a-kind, customised editions of That’s amore:suits, accessories, footwear, dresses, shirts, ties, scarves, foulards, bags, small leather goods and watches. Tailor-made opulence for all body shapes: tall, short, robust and very robust. Special, tailor-made clothing for politicians and public figures, celebrities, athletes and sports teams, ceremonies, special occasions and public events.

Tailor-made: true luxury all over the world.

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